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About Us

Simplified Hype, L.L.C. is a company that was formed with the idea of simplicity at its core. We work hard to provide products that are simple in form, but advanced in function. Even if you aren't in the market for one of our software products, head over to the vault for all of your street wear needs. We guarantee 100% authenticity on all of our products. The Simplified Hype team prides themselves on making sure that all of our products are brand new, never worn, and 100% authentic directly from the supplier. Unlike other sites, we don't charge you extra to check authenticity because we get our products directly from authorized retailers, giving us faster shipping times as well.


A: We source all of our products from trusted retailers to make sure that everything we sell is 100% authentic.

A monitor is a software that allows us to give our customers early access to highly sought after products. Whether you want a product for yourself, or you are an experienced reseller, SH is the right place for you.

A: Like our company name says, we try to keep things simple. We provide blazing fast and advanced monitoring services, all the while keeping the user experience simple. We pride ourselves on our performance, and our ability to digest our advanced software techniques into an easily usable end product. We plan to innovate this industry to make a better end user experience, and we think you should stick along for that.

A: You can head over to our contact us page to send us a direct email with questions, or if you are a member, head to the information channel and ask away.